Sibarist Booster 22 For Conical Drippers With The Hybrid Filters

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The Booster 22 presents a novel approach to brewing coffee, especially designed for use with V60’s and SIBARIST HYBRID filters. This tool is focused on improving the extraction strength and the flow of your coffee brews.

The key innovation in The Booster 22 lies in its ability to optimize the use of hybrid cone/flat paper filters. The inclusion of a mesh disc in this setup is crucial. This mesh enhances the contact points at the bottom of the cone brewer, leading to an improved flow rate during brewing. The combination of the paper’s rigidity and the mesh ensures more uniform contact across the entire filter surface. This unique design not only facilitates a more even flow but also contributes to a distinctive taste profile compared to traditional cone brewing methods.

Developed in collaboration with Matt Winton, the 2021 World Brewers Cup Champion, The Booster 22 represents his preferred setup for achieving exceptional coffee extractions. This tool is not just about brewing coffee; it’s about refining and enhancing the process to reach new levels of taste and quality.

Matt Winton voice:

“During testing of these papers and combos, I had my previous standard of brewing that I thought was the best I could find, and whenever I tested that against the B3 + 22mm disc combo, I always chose the B3 and mesh disc brew. It was richer, sweeter, and more clear – all the way from hot to cold. I wish I had this when I was competing to enhance my brews on stage even more.”

Suitable for:
Conical drippers (V60’s) in combination with the SIBARIST HYBRID filters.

Staines steel AISI 304 with food grade gold plating.

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