Rhinowares Shot Glass with Double Spout and Handle

75 NOK

A durable and useful shot glass from Rhino Coffee Gear! This 70ml (2.4 ounces) double spouted shot glass is ideal for pulling double shots and dosing them into a cappucino or latte drink. The handle protects your hands from the heat, and graduated marks make measuring a breeze. Now with an updated handle design for ease of use.
Double spouts and a convenient pouring handle
Graduated marks in ounces (.5oz increments) and milliliters (10ml increments)
Accurate to within +/-5%
Dimensions: 72mm / 2.83″ diameter across the top of the spouts, 60mm / 2.36″ tall
Rhino Coffee Gear logo – Great retail packaging
Please note: measurment marks made fade if washed in the dishwasher

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