Pourx UFO Coffee Dripper

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The POURX dripper is perfect for coffee newbies! With 24 ribs inside, it helps to drain smoothly and avoid over-extraction, resulting in a perfectly balanced cup of coffee.
We understand that functionality and aesthetics are both important, so our dripper holder can be easily taken into the dripper to reduce storage space. After use, simply put it upside down to dry.
Our dripper is designed to be flexible and compatible with 1-4 cups of brewing capacity, making it suitable for single or multiple servings. Please note that a cone filter is required.
For best results, we recommend using a coffee jug with a diameter between 77-95mm
When using the dripper, please use the wood holder provided and only use it for its intended purpose. Do not rapidly cool or heat the dripper and do not use it in the oven or on the stovetop. Remember to remove the wood holder before hand washing, and clean it with a damp cloth. Due to the natural process, each POURX dripper and holder is unique and may have slight variations.
Enjoy your perfect cup of coffee with POURX!

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