Pourx Space Capsule Coffee Bean Cannister

119 NOK

The Pourx Bean Cannister is the perfect coffee companion for your outdoor adventures! This lightweight coffee bean canister is designed to keep your coffee fresh and ready to brew on-the-go.

Weighing only 40g and with a diameter of just 6cm, the Space Capsule is incredibly portable and easy to carry. It can hold up to 120g of coffee beans, enough to brew 10 cups of coffee, making it an ideal choice for day trips and sharing with friends.

The one-way degassing valve ensures that CO2 is released from the canister while preventing air from getting back in, extending the freshness of your coffee beans. Plus, the black opaque bottle prevents sun exposure that could age your coffee beans.

With 10g of coffee beans per bottle cap, it’s easy to measure and grind on-the-go. The side of the bean jar leaves space for coffee details, which you can mark with a dry-erase pen.

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