Pietro Manual Coffee Grinder

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The Pietro manual coffee grinder is a standout piece for coffee enthusiasts, known for its unique design and innovative features. Created by Fiorenzato, a company with a rich history in the coffee industry, the Pietro grinder is not just another manual grinder. It’s celebrated for being the only one equipped with vertical flat burrs, ensuring consistent performance and superior ergonomics​​.

This grinder is specifically designed for those who love a more hands-on approach to coffee brewing, featuring a 58mm burr set and an airtight grounds container. It’s available in two versions: the Manual Multipurpose/B-Modal Burrs for versatility from espresso to filter brewing, and the Pro Brewing/M-Modal Burrs, which are filter-focused for those who are serious about their coffee craft​​.

Distinguishing itself further, the Pietro manual grinder showcases technology not seen before in manual grinders, being the first to feature vertical flat burrs. These 58mm burrs are crafted to perform exceptionally well, making it a unique offering for the coffee-obsessed. The design of Pietro is futuristic, with an aluminum casing that feels solid and durable. It also features a retractable handle for space-saving, a magnetic grinds container, a non-slip base, and is available in six colors​​.

The grinder is built with premium materials, ensuring both functionality and durability. The body is made of aluminum, and all parts that come into contact with coffee are certified for food use. Pietro’s burrs are a true revolution, made of M340 steel, also certified for food use. They are designed in two different geometries: the B-MODAL for a bimodal curve typical of espresso grinding, and the M-MODAL for a unimodal curve to extract maximum aromatics​​.

Furthermore, the grinder features a stepless adjustment dial for precise control over the grind size, zero retention to avoid waste, quick and easy maintenance, and hermetically sealed containers to preserve the aroma of your coffee. Its non-slip base ensures stability during grinding, enhancing the user experience​​.

With its combination of premium build quality, innovative burr technology, and ergonomic design, the Pietro manual coffee grinder is a high-end choice for coffee lovers seeking to elevate their brewing experience.

Ships with both the B-Modal & M-Modal 58 mm vertical flat burrs

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