Kaldi Wide 400 Coffee Roaster

16.500 NOK18.950 NOK

The Kaldi Wide 400 Coffee Roaster is an upgraded version of the popular Kaldi Wide Pop roaster.  The upgrades to the Wid 400 roaster include the front door to drop the beans, two thermometers and a front sight glass to view the roasting progress.  The capacity of the roaster has also been increased to 400g/batch.

Exhaust from the coffee roaster is natural flow and needs to be collected or used outdoors.

Important: Kaldi roasters do not include a heat source.  You’ll need a mini gas stove (gasskjøkken, gassbluss) as a heat source.  They can be purchase from a local hardware store such as Biltema, Jula, Clas Ohlson  The roaster must be operated outdoors or in a location with proper ventilation.

Dimensions: 44x23x39cm (WxDxH)
Weight: 15kg

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