Honduras Arcadio – Green Coffee Beans

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At the Arcadio coffee farm, which is located at an elevation of 1540 meters, Marysabel and Moises are dedicated to sustainable farming and processing of their coffee beans. The farm was inherited from Marysabel’s father, Don Fabio Caballero, who was one of the first coffee farmers in Honduras. After several years of low yields, he decided to divide the land among his children, and Marysabel and Moises combined their holdings to create a farm with almost 200 hectares divided into 17 smaller farms.

Flavor notes: Hazel nut, apple, fig
Origin: Honduras
Variety: Catuai
Producer: Arcadio farm
Process: Washed
MASL: 1540
Bag size: 250g

These are green unroasted coffee beans.  You’ll need to roast them before you can use them to make a delicious cup of coffee!

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