Aquacode Coffee Brewing Water

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Aquacode is a special kind of water designed to make your coffee taste better. It’s made by adding minerals from deep ocean water, 700 meters below the surface in the Pacific Ocean, to regular water. This process uses a fancy technique to keep the minerals pure and natural.

The idea is pretty straightforward: by changing the water you use for brewing coffee, you can improve the taste of your coffee. The minerals in Aquacode help bring out the best flavors in your coffee, making it taste sweeter and less acidic.

You use Aquacode by mixing it with distilled, deionized, or soft drinking water. It’s got the right amounts of calcium and magnesium, which are important for getting the best flavor out of your coffee beans.

It’s great for anyone who loves making coffee at home or even for coffee shops looking to up their game. Aquacode is all about keeping things simple and focusing on quality, making sure your coffee tastes as good as it can with minimal fuss.

The 7-litre Barista Sachets are meant to be diluted in 7litres of pure distilled water (0ppm) to achieve a TDS of 85ppm


  • 12 Aquacode sachets
  • 1 Tin box


  • Dilute sachet in 7l distilled or ionized water and proceed to Brew
  • Alternatively, you can dilute the sachet in 1l distilled or ionized water, and use this as a concentrate.  When you want to create brewing water, use 1 part mixture and 6 parts distilled water.

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