Acaia Pearl Protective Carrying Case

1.295 NOK

Ensure the safety of your Acaia Pearl wherever you are. Specifically tailored for our Acaia Pearl series, this dedicated travel case is indispensable for both professional and home baristas who enjoy brewing on the go or at various locations.

With its sleek and custom-fit design, this case offers crucial safeguarding for your Pearl and Pearl Model S without adding bulk. Experience effortless and accurate brewing no matter your whereabouts.

Kindly be aware that although the case provides defense against external objects, sudden jolts or impacts may still harm your precision scale. Exercise caution when handling any luggage or bag that contains delicate scales.

The calibration of your scale is influenced by factors such as local gravity, surface tilt, and atmospheric conditions. When traveling, all three variables should be taken into account. Therefore, we advise you to let the scale rest outside of its case, in the intended usage location, before calibrating and utilizing it following your journey.


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