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A fruity and clean coffee with refreshing sweetness and balance of acidity. Complex aromas of lychee, apricot and muscovado sugar.

Until now, The CoffeeCollective have only been able to bid on Geisha coffee from the Bolivian farm, Takesi. They were recently able to secure another variety of bean from the high-altitude farm, the Catuaí variety and have just now made it available to customers. The coffee is fruity in an extremely clean way with a refreshing sweetness-acidity balance. It has a complex fruity aroma of lychee, apricot and muscovado sugar.The variety Catuaí is grown at an altitude of 2,600 meters, which is the highest in coffee cultivation. This elevation means that the coffee berries are allowed to mature over a longer period of time. The long ripening time comes from the small amount of oxygen in the air and the cool nights. This contributes to a high quality and a complex taste.

The Takesi farm is owned by the Iturralde family and run by Juvenal Quijhua who, with a totally unique understanding of nature and detail, has fulfilled the high ambitions of the family and created coffees of exceptional quality.

The fields are some of the highest in the world, up to 2600 meters above sea level, and the 1.5 meter deep humus layer, together with the shadows of the mountains, provides a very special terroir. This bears the brilliance of the unique quality of Takesi’s coffee.

Harvested between August – September 2018. Coffee Collective paid 7 times market price (12$/lb FOB). Roasted light.


  • Owner:  The Iturralde family
  • Harvest method:Selective Hand Picking
  • Region Yanacachi
  • Harvest calendar September – October
  • Varieties Catuai
  • Process Washed. Mechanically dried.
  • Altitude 1.700 – 2.600 masl

Roast date will be April 24, with coffee shipping immediately afterwards.

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