Malmö Chokladfabrik – Esmeralda Ecuador 68% Organic

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When we heard that the bean was called Arriba, we were so happy that we had to taste and Arriba! how good it was. Floral and chocolatey in the same breath and wonderfully intense. In Esmeralda, farmers have been growing this happy bean for more than 200 years. We call it dedication!

Just as wine gets a taste of the soil and climate where the grapes are grown, chocolate gets a taste of the environment where the beans are grown. The climate, in particular, cannot be complained about in Ecuador. The cocoa shops are flourishing. But just as the winemaker determines the quality of the wine, we like to think that we also have a finger in the pie. We roast the organic beans until the cake gets the character we strive for. Floral and chocolatey, strong and velvety. Completely outstanding, if we may say so. But taste for yourself!

  • Harvest time:   Nov – Dec.
  • Fermented:   4 days
  • Rust temp:   135 degrees C
  • Conchning:   20-24h
  • Bar Size: 80g


  • Cocoa mass *
  • Cane sugar * / sugar *
  • Cocoa butter *

* Organic ingredient

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