Essentials Starter Kit

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We’ve put this kit together as a collection of the ‘essentials’ to get your brewing excellent coffee at home.  It contains everything you need to brew great tasting coffee at home at a great price.  The products in this package were chosen because they offer great value for their price and are good quality.  The perfect starter brew kit.

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Hario Drip Kettle AIR hellekanne

The surprising lightweight and transparency allows users to see the water level and help them enjoy making pour-over coffee. The compact size and reasonable price are just right for consumers who want to begin making pour-over coffee. With the easily readable volum lines, users do not need to rely on a scale when measuring the amount of water.

COLOR Transparent Black
SIZE W177 × D78 × H128mm
CAPACITY Practical capacity 350ml
WEIGHT(incl.individual box) approx.200g


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V60 Craft Coffee Brew Set / Bryggesett i plast

Settet inneholder 40 filter, serveringskanne i glass til å brygge i, en brygger størrelse 02 i plast samt et lite hefte om brygging

SIZE W170 × D125 × H220mm
CAPACITY 1-4cups
Dripper : Plastic
Lid, Measuring spoon, Handle(including the band) : Plastic
Bushing : Silicone rubber
Glass pot : Heatproof glass
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1Zpresso Q2 Coffee Grinder

If the Comandante C40 and Porlex Mini grinder had a baby, this would be it. The 1Zpresso Q2 is a high quality grinder in a compact size. It is comfortable to grip and easy to grind. The grinder is just the right size and weight for you to pack in your bag and fits perfectly in the plunger of the AeroPress. All 1Zpresso grinders can be disassembled easily without the need for tools, which allow for thorough cleaning without the need to re-calibrate the burr after reassembly.

Package Contents:
1Zpresso Q2 Manual Coffee Grinder
Storage bag
Cleaning brush

Product Specifications:
Color: Light gray
Weight: 385g
Dimensions: 13.8 x 12 x 4.6 cm
Grounds Capacity: 17-25g depending on the bean size
Materials: 420 Stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and wood

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Hario Drip Scale

Elegant og slank digital bryggevekt.

Sett håndbryggeren din på vekten slik at du kan måle både tid og mengde samtidig.

Batteri medfølger. God refreshrate og er på så lenge den er i bruk/inntil du skrur den av.

Den forblir upåvirket av varme i motsetning til mange rimeligere vekter.


Elegant and slim digital brew scale.

Put your decanter on the scale so you can measure both time and weight at the same time. Battery included. Good refresh rate and stays on as long as it is in use / until you turn it off. The scale remains unaffected by heat as opposed to many cheaper scales.

2-200g : +/- 0.2g
200g-500g : +/- 1g
500g-2000g : +/- 3g


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