Colombia Los Idolos Green Coffee Beans

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Edgar Meneses and Marleny Lasso are a couple who jointly own a portion of Finca Los Idolos, with each of them owning 4 hectares. The farm is situated in Bruselas, a small community in Buesaco, Narino. Their cultivation consists of approximately 40% Colombia cultivar and 60% Caturra cultivar. The farm’s elevation is 1900 masl, and it is notable for its well-organized and clean infrastructure, boasting excellent systems. Furthermore, the plants exhibit robust health and vitality.
Taste notes: Cherry, vanilla, caramel
Origin: Huila, Tarqui, Colombia
Variety: Colombia, Castillo
Process: Washed
Bag size: 250g
These are green unroasted coffee beans.  You’ll need to roast them before you can use them to make a delicious cup of coffee!

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