Colombia el Roble Honey Geisha

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This is the third lot of Geisha Gringo has roasted from the Chilito family, who run the farm El Roble in Huila, Colombia. This is the first time El Roble has process the coffee as Honey, where the beans dry and ferment in their own sugar. The result is a perfect combination of the Geisha variety’s elegant and complex light character, and all the sweetness and fullness that the Honey method provides.

El Roble has a relatively cold climate, which helps with a slower ripening of the coffee berries. This increases the sugar content of the coffee and gives a rounder, more complex, and delicious coffee. We really love Geishan from El Roble and are very proud to be able to offer coffee again.

Location: Huila, Colombia
Farm: Finca El Roble
Type: Geisha
Altitude: 1750 meters
Cultivation: Shade
Processing: Honey
Drying: Sun
Harvest period: August 2020
Size: 3600 Geisha trees

Bag size: 200g
Roast: 15 March 2021

Flavor Profile: Strawberry cream, Cranberry, citrus

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