A Matter of Concrete – 028 Colombia – Julian Calderon Gesha

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Herbert from 575 and LaREB expressed that the coffee they tasted was exceptional and received unanimous approval from the producer, Q team, and clients. The coffee was effortlessly impressive and considered the best coffee LaREB evaluated in 2021. The coffee was characterized as clean, bright, and transparent, representing the Colombian Gesha variety and its terroir. The question of what makes a coffee great was raised, whether it’s the terroir, variety, process, producer’s virtuosity, or a combination of all.

Julián, the producer of this coffee, may be a coffee virtuoso without realizing it yet. He produced this exceptional coffee in his first harvest from a small plot using heirloom varietals that have also produced outstanding cups in the hands of experienced local producers. However, Julián’s coffee stands out, displaying complexity, clarity, and a straightforward nature, which may be due to his modest approach. This coffee is an honest representation of Julián’s first step in his coffee career, and he has a promising future ahead.

Herbert’s assessment of this coffee is agreed upon, and it is an outstanding nanolot. The coffee is fully washed Gesha with anoxic in-cherry fermentation for 48 hours, open-tank dry mass fermentation for 48 hours, with no temperature control, and sun-dried in Elba. The power of intention plays a significant role in the result of this exceptional coffee.

Origin: Palestina, Juila, Colombia
Producer: Julian Calderon
Variety: Gesha
Process: Fully washed
Elevation: 1800 masl

Taste Profile: Cantaloupe, papaya, silky
Jar size: 300g

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