1Zpresso JE-plus Coffee Grinder

2.899 NOK

The coated burr and magnetic catch cup in the 1Zpresso JE-plus grinder are perfect for grinding espresso and make the grinder easy to use.  The grinder has a 12.5 micron click adjustment making it easy to dial in your espresso.  The grind setting can easily be adjusted from the top of the grinder and the espresso grounds are conveniently dosed into a portafilter using the trap door catch cup.

Includes: 1Zpresso JE-Plus series grinder, cleaning brush, cleaning blower & carry case

Grinder Specifications:
Color: Light Gray
Weight: 840g
Dimensions: 18×6.2x13cm
Grounds Capacity: 35-40g
Materials: Wood, Polycarbonate, silicone, stainless steel, aluminum alloy

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