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December 2014 – Chele’lektu / Small Batch Roasting Co.

Small Batch Roasting co. featured roaster kaffebox

KaffeBox WildCard KaffeBox is proud to exclusively feature Scandinavian roasters. Once a year however, we think it’s fun to play a ‘Wild Card’ and taste something roasted outside of Scandinavia. Scandinavian style light roast will always be a requirement however, and this year’s WildCard isn’t far from Norway’s heart with Tim Varney (previous head roaster […]

November 2014 – Mahembe from Jacobsen & Svart

Jacobsen & Svart KaffeBox featured roaster

Rwanda – Mahembe Roaster: Jacobsen & Svart Kaffebrenneri Origin: Rwanda Region: Nyagatare, east province Cooperative: Mahembe Producer: Justin Musabyiama Cultivar: Several types of Bourbon Altitude: 1700-1900 meters Process: Washed, sun dried The cup: Sweet, ripe with notes of black current. Complex, warm with lots of berry. The coffee cherries are depulped 30% then fermented for […]

October 2014 – Bokasso fra Koppi

Koppi KaffeBox Featured Roaster

Bokasso Roaster: Koppi Origin: Dalle, Sidama, Ethiopia Region: Wonsho Cooperative: Bokasso – 1650 smallholders Variety: Ethiopian Heirloom. Improved varietals and native coffee of forest origin transferred to family smallholder plots and gardens. In this case referred to as Sidamo type. Grade: Screen 14 and up. Altitude: 2,000 MASL Production: Pulped and wet fermented, graded in […]

September 2014 – Las Brumas fra Solberg & Hansen

Solberg&Hansen KaffeBox

Las Brumas CoE Farm: Las Brumas Produsent: Juan Jose Ernesto Menendez Arguello Region: Sonsonate, El Salvador Område: Santa Ana Bønnetype: Bourbon M.o.h.: 1460-2000 meter Innhøsting: januar – April Prosess: Red Honey Smaksbeskrivelse Aroma av vanilje, sorte moreller og melkesjokolade. En myk kaffe med smak av druer og lys karamell.  Hva er Cup of Excellence? Cup […]

August 2014 – Montey Copey fra Jacu

Montey Copey Origin: Costa Rica Region: La Bandera de Dota, Tarrazu Variety: Caturra Altitude: 1,850 MASL Farm: La Mesa Owner: Familia Navarro Harvest Method: Selective Hand Picked Harvest Season: Jan-Feb 2014 Process: Yellow honey The Cup: Notes of chocolate, peach and ripe berries. Production Process Local pickers and family members are selecting the ripest cherries. […]

July 2014 – Kaiguri fra Kaffa

Origin: Kenya Region: Nyeri Variety: SL28 Farm: 300 various farms Owner: Mutheka Cooperative Process: våtforedling The Cup: Intense fruit and floral aroma.  Fresh and intense citrus acidity combined with ripe fruit gives a complex taste profile typical of Kenyan coffee. Kaiguri ligger i det fruktbare området vest for mt. Kenya på østsiden av fjellkjeden Aberdarene. Stasjonen […]

Juni 2014 – Gichathaini, Kenya fra The Coffee Collective

The Coffee Collective

Filterkaffe Kaffe: Gichathaini, Kenya Roaster: The Coffee Collective KaffeBox: Juni 2014 Origin: Kenya Region: Nyeri Variety: SL28 and SL34 Altitude: 1,600 MASL Farm: Cooperative 800 members Harvest Method: Selective Hand Picked Harvest Season: November-December Process: Washed. Dried on raised beds. Production: Avg. 400 ton annually The Cup: Refreshing acidity and very aromatic. Notes of lilac […]

Mai 2014 – Excelso Tolima fra NM i Kaffebrenning 2014

SCAE kaffe 2014

Kaffe: Excelso Tolima Brenneri: Norgesmester i Kaffebrenning 2014, Ivica “Itchy” Cvetanovski / Torungen Kaffe KaffeBox: Mai 2014 Origin: Columbia Region: Tolima Variety: Caturra and Variedad Columbia Altitude: 1,500 to 1,700 MASL Farm: Multiple farmers contributing 1 to 15 bags Proc. Method: Pulped, fermented in tile tanks, washed and dried on raised beds The Cup: Heavy […]

April 2014 – Etiopia fra Supreme Roastworks

Supreme Roastworks Etiopia

Filterkaffe Kaffe: Etiopia Brenneri: Supreme Roastworks KaffeBox: April 2014 Country: Ethiopia Name: Suke Quto Farm Coffee type: Washed and Unwashed Sidamo Varieties: Kurume and Welicho Certification: Organic Location: Oromia Region, Guji Zone Altitude: 1800 – 2200 meters Soil type: Loamy soil Average rainfall: 950mm Shade trees: Millettia Ferruginea, Cordia Africana, Albizia Gummifera, Anigeria, Croton Macrostachyus, […]

Mars 2014 – Sitio Canaa Red Bourbon fra Tim Wendelboe

Tim Wendelboe Sitio Canaa

Kaffe: Sitio Canaa Red Bourbon Semi Washed Brenneri: Tim Wendelboe KaffeBox: Mars 2014 Producer: Mr. Joao Hamilton & Ivan Dos Santos together with Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza Harvest: August 2013 Origin: Caconde, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Growing conditions: 1200 – 1350 m.a.s. No shade trees. Farm size: 32 hectars but only 10 is used for growing coffee. […]